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Memories flooded every living cell in my body when I randomly clicked on this one k-pop song from my teenage years. Almost every time I’m brave enough to revisit those familiar yet distant sounds, I am drenched in emotions, complex yet simple, unable to escape an unexpected storm of memories.

The 13/14-year-old me used to use k-pop as my only escape from reality. I bombarded walls in my room with posters of those boy/girl bands, leaving no room for anything other than these highly-produced beauties. …

Nov 6th, 8:50 AM Decision Desk HQ becomes the first decision desk to declare that Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America.

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I just woke up from a two-hour long nap, barely recovered from the sleep deprivation this election has brought onto me. None of the other networks I follow closely on Twitter has declared a winner other than Decision Desk HQ, but the tone at FiveThirtyEight is clear enough.

We’ve won! I whisper to myself. We won.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve started closely following this election. A Chinese…

TW: This article briefly talks about clinical depression, self-harm, and childhood trauma. Although the purpose of this article is to celebrate a dear friend’s life and honour her passing, some readers may find the content distressing.

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Sleeping has been a chore lately.

Anti-racism protests are raging across the US after the egregious murder of George Floyd. A global pandemic is running amok and infecting millions worldwide. Everyone is having a difficult time expressing anger and readjusting to the new normal. I am no different.

That day I woke up like normal. The alarm went off, disrupting my indulgence in the…

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago, the hot summer heat in Beijing thickened with the anticipation of much-needed rain. I spent all night scrolling on a new form of social media: Instagram. How amazing, I thought, the women of beauty, famous people, and countless photos of a coffee cup for some reason, all came together in harmony.

The 16-year-old me was not aware that one day I would be saying bye to this social media platform once occupied my life.

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“How come you’re not on Instagram anymore?”

My friends have been asking the same question.

Part of me was grateful…

Doris Zhou

A software engineering student, former film student/screen writer.

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